Pure Class

Just thought you might like to know the type of girl you're dealing with here... In a moment of weakness I bought one of those gigantic barrels of Cheese Balls from the grocery store in hopes it would last a bit longer than the bags of chips that Cole so quickly devours. Standing in the kitchen, trying to ignore the glaringly orange eye soar on our counter, I had this beautiful- albeit empty, fish bowl-looking jar on the island. I commented to Cole that I would dump all those Cheese Balls in it if it didn't mean I would then just have to wash all the orange grease out of the bottom when they were gone. Cole says, "Just as well- I bet they wouldn't all fit anyway..." and after weighing the pros and cons of the unavoidable 2 gallon tub of cheese powder vs the risk of having people think I regularly display our artery clogging vices... you know I had to counter,"I BET THEY WOULD!!!"

And so ends the story of how the lovely jar I acquired from my sisters wedding has so classily ended up in the middle of my kitchen... full of Cheese Balls. I win.