I dont know if you feel this way ever, but every year after New Year's I hit a bit of a slump. Why does it take so long to get back into the swing of life after a holiday? Is it the holiday or spending so much time in my childhood home that makes it depressing to get back to reality? I dont know, but I am loving the term coined by my friend Lori... Blogked. It perfectly sums up the walls in both my personal and creative life that make it hard to move forward. I have only been back in Indiana for a couple days and have allowed myself the time to recuperate while keeping busy at the same time... kind of nesting really- getting my house back in order, taking down all the Christmas stuff. It does make me feel somewhat accomplished to have the holiday stuff put away... and I know this little funk will go away soon when I get back on my normal schedule. I just hate feeling this way! Especially when I know I am the only one in control of these ups and downs!

I do my best to will myself out of it, so in that vein I saw the perfect news story this morning... Also, if you're like me, this site can lift your spirits too, science proves it!

Otherwise, if the cute animals dont do it, I will keep this in mind until I push through the blue...

Really no reason to be unhappy when the sun is out! Looking forward to getting back into the normal swing of things, but until then- do you ever get this way?