Shop Photos

Wanted to stop in and show you guys pictures of my paintings in my shop real quick... Got the four up now that I showed you guys awhile back and am currently working on another piece that will be 30x40! A big wall piece!
I didn't take post pictures of them full on since you have seen them... just some shots of their set up... These are the ones in the hallway!
This one is in one of the dress rooms, but will be moved when I get the big piece done. The 30x40 will fill the space better and look AMAZING on the green wall! So excited!

I had to get photos of them now though, because I am proud to say, ONE SOLD! So I was excited to go into work to a sale last week! What a wonderful experience and how thankful I am for the opportunity and privilege I have been given to show my work! I can feel good things are going to keep happening!

Thanks for reading and all the love and good thoughts! Will keep you updated on the progress of my new work... lots to do before Christmas!