Here Come the Lights!

Now mine are nothing special, but after going back and forth as to whether I was going to grinch-out this year or not, I decided to get my Christmas lights out for the neighbors... I figured I would get them up in a couple hours and still have time for Breaking Dawn (which I have been trying to see for 2 weeks now btw).

6 hours later and all sorts of scratches on my hands, this is what I came up with...
It doesn't look like much, but GEEZ... it takes a master electrician to get all that stuff together! And I did it all without any outside power outlets! Try that without leaving gaping holes in your home for the freeze to get in! Ugh! What a day! Hardly worth the trouble, but thats definitely one of those things you forget every year until you do it again... Please note the 4 foot end of the roof without lights that I wasn't about to get out again and buy more of AND you cant see very well, but our yard is also home to a headless deer whose lights I couldn't seem to get working... In hour 5, things seemed to fall off a bit as far as my standards go!

Not only did the lights get put up, but while I had the ladder out, I even cleaned the gutters before my husband got home from work! Talk about a renaissance woman! And as thanks for it all, I went to sanitize my hands and felt every single little pine needle cut on every finger and each palm... My hands were so frozen that I forgot all about them!

At least I like to think I added a little holiday cheer to the street. Cole was concerned about my deer getting stolen, but as far as I care- they can have them! Needless to say, I missed my movie... again! MERRY FREAKIN CHRISTMAS, RIGHT?