So, I know because we are artsy, we all look at stuff and think we can make just about anything... at least I do. However, when gaging my abilities I almost always over reach what I may actually be capable of... So many times I just end up with a disaster on my hands... not to mention a huge mess. BUT WAIT!!!!

I have been eyeing this Free People shirt online for some time...

And they are always SOLD OUT SOLD OUT SOLD OUT... Until recently they finally had one listed! Despite the not so glowing reviews it got, I was so excited to get it into my little virtual cart! So ecstatic in fact ( even in all my hand wringing as to whether I was REALLY about to pay 60 bucks for this sleeveless printed T-Shirt) that I failed to notice- the only size they had left... was an XS.  ...  Ugh. What was I going to do in an extra small?
Thus, when my creative juices started getting the best of me again. I thought... I can just make one!!! And probably with better reviews!!! Happy to say, for once I am satisfied with my result... and even added some extra flare... !
Huh? HUH? Just need some crazy hat and I almost even look like that model *wink! What do you think? I even added some hip HIP shoulder patches! Haha... so pleased! And all from my own little thrifty studio at home! I know in the art world, to copy another persons work is a HUGE NO NO... but I figure at 60 bucks for a freakin tank... Free People can afford my one little indiscretion... Do you have any pics of your homemade copies of big market products you just couldn't get your little hands on? I know I am not alone here... SHOW ME!