My Own Little Island

I have had the best intentions to blog for days now, but I go through phases where for a little while it is easy to blog blog blog and not make any art... right now it feels like quite the opposite. I sit and craft craft craft to the point that I get too tired to have computer time! I guess it is just about taking in the ebb and flow of the process. Mama said there'd be days like this... :)

It might be better if I didn't have some exciting news! My very special store that I have been working part time at has offered to let me sell my work there! And Jeanne, the owner, is so sweet that I will be lucky if anyone else gets a chance to buy thanks to her patronage! You may remember me talking about her store here a while back when we had just moved to South Bend... funny how things come around... it can start to feel very providential! So, I hate to keep saying it, but I have been a busy little thing trying to make sure I have enough stuff on the walls at the store for our holiday open house next week.

I was kicking myself a bit this morning because I didn't practice my courage very well. Jeanne has been on me to advertise myself a bit more with my stuff being at her store and when given the chance to have my name on the ad for the store's open house, I opted out. Ugh. I know I shouldn't shy away from promoting myself, but it still feels like such a foreign thing. I would prefer people show up, like my work and buy it, or don't and not, and that be that! But I am told I cant expect to get anywhere with that mentality. After all, half the reason people buy artwork sometimes is because they actually like the artist as a person first... Maybe I can redeem myself a bit at the opening. I will tell everyone- THIS ART IS AMAZING, AND IT IS MINE DAMMIT! Haha... yikes.

On the other hand... being more productive has given me the excuse for some rearranging. My studio space is a wreck! I whittled my way down to about a square foot space to work in until I commandeered our kitchen island for studio use. Now it is almost swallowed up too...
It could be worse I guess... that could be the view of my kitchen... However, with my island now being used for creative purposes, guess what I had to then acquire? A NEW ISLAND!
I just think its the cutest little thing! I was so excited to get it from Junk Evolution (who you have also heard me mention before here...). It was even painted yellow already, just like my kitchen! And you cant see, but it does have blue drawers going down each side as well. I've been eyeing this for a while so I am so glad to treat myself to it before the snow gets here and I would have to move it through the sludge.

The weather is definitely getting colder so we are always trying to keep warm in our breezy house while keeping the bills manageable. At least it isn't as dire as when we lived in Canada and didn't turn the heat on in that arctic until December! Ha, South Bend has proven to be slightly more affordable!

So wish me luck as I finish up some art pieces (I will be sure and share when its done)! Send me your courageous vibes as I wring my hands thinking about peddling some paintings!