Gobble! Gobble!

So thankful today that my mom and step-dad can be here for Thanksgiving! We had a fun day shopping and looking around town yesterday!

Our Thanksgiving spread was WONDERFUL for there just being four of us here! I even got a photo out of my husband with it... even if most of it was perhaps canned, pre-cooked, frozen, or otherwise not up to his standards... DELICIOUS in our PJ's all day!

Eli even got his fill and passed out for his very own tryptophan nap!

And YES! I did happen to get the Christmas tree put up as a holiday tradition in my family! However, you may be wondering where all the decorations may be and that news is a bit less fortunate... After a thorough search of the house, I have concluded that the few tree decorations I had acquired since I started putting up my own tree may have gotten thrown away in our recent move. *Sigh. Now I am wishing I had taken advantage of all those discounted decorations I made fun of before the holidays rolled in! Guess I'll have to start a new collection... TBD.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and all your loved ones! I am so thankful to share with you today and glad for your following! Now, on to surviving Black Friday... this will be my first year actually leaving the house for it, so wish me luck!