Halloween Bandwagon

In true October spirit, I wanted to spread a little art love, Halloween style. I've been seeing lots of seasonal blog entries and in the middle of making new art of my own, thought I could do a little guerilla marketing for some of my fellow Etsy vendors.

In my very early stages of Etsy use, I get online and into some of these stores and am in a constant state of floored by the talent, creativity, and crazy imagination of some of the sellers on this mass site! I could easily get lost all day just wandering through the maze of inspiration and ingenuity of the minds behind some of my favorite items. Consider this list, only a spooky sample of the avant-garde and original ideas of a huge body of artists.

Crazy cool variation of the every popular birdcage veils you see everyone making! I love this Spider Hair Comb by CutieDynamite. So great in time for Halloween and a great addition to those slinky black dresses worn in lieu of a costume! I would get this for Halloween work day too!

Love this Puppy Dog Ghost Ornament by ArcticFoxie! This along with the other knitted animals in the shop just call to me with their sweet and animated expressions. Cute for those Halloween trees you see some people decorate with...

The store DarkAlley makes these Gothic Artist Cats that are just so wildly scroungy looking, its perfect. This is a reserved listing, meaning it was made for a specific buyer, but the store in general just has the craziest creations. Creepy in the coolest way and with excellent attention to detail.

I think this Porcelain Baby Doll Head by ReshapeStudio is hilarious and perfect for holding and handing out candy. I love these types of juxtapositions in life and art that are unexpected and clever. Very cool and perfect for the season. Excellent displayed in multiples...

A favorite shop of mine on Etsy, CartBeforeTheHorse sells a variety of dolls portraying different folk art and fairy tale characters. This Halloween Masked Party Hat Girl is a sweet addition to your Halloween decor and could easily be coupled with several others characters from their shop. I am obsessed with these types of dolls and appreciate the style and tradition of this classic art form.

Really loving the plethora of off-kilter jewelry showing up in the creative world. The contrast of the traditional beauty of jewelry making and creepy nature of body parts and death make this necklace by MonkeysAlwaysLook naturally catch my eye. The store carries really beautiful and thoughtful pieces outside of their featured few seasonal items and should be kept in mind year round!

In the same vein, Blue Bayer Design has an amazing store online full of some of the coolest, creepiest, conversion pieces you will ever find. Full of bat, bobcat, and bird skulls, the Raven Skull pictured just happens to have some of the coolest photography as well. Quirky, eye catching, and creepy, the store is reasonably priced and full of excellent ideas to complete your spooky, yet under-stated Halloween get up.

Another favorite store of mine is RococcoCo that makes these affordable and beautiful prints for your home. One of the best is this Vintage Skull and Roses print, great on its own, but also displayed with a group of Halloween favorites. Love the contrast between, not only the colors, but the concept as well.

What would Halloween be without the threat of bats? Now, I know I have featured a lot of jewelry, but as we get older, I find I have to seek out new ways to surprise people outside of the traditional costume wearing. Things like this Bronze Fruit Bat by HeronAdornment are only coincidentally in line with Halloween as I search for themed accessories. They are even more surprising outside of the season when one does not expect to see the fly-by-night creature hanging from your neck. Love this store as it features so many beautiful pieces for those looking for less traditional neckline decor!

Lastly, I could have picked anything from the amazing wares of FoldedPigs. This just happens to be one of my favorites from their shop as it was a common site in my Grandmother's home when I was young. There used to be nothing strange about the common cockroach sharing our breakfast when sitting in her warm old kitchen. I know it is creepy in itself to be nostalgic about roaches in my housewares, but this piece and everything in their store is PERFECT for this time of year, and from my experience, great conversation all of the other days too!

So, there you go. I feel like my list is a bit less traditional Halloween than others I have seen, but I like to be a little off the beaten path... Any of these items and vendors can be taken and made your own with the right spooky display or twist to your own decorations and style. Glad I could spread the love today and in plenty of time for you to get your seasonal style in order. Really excited to be able to feature some great art from these amazing stores!