Guilty Post

Y'all that follow me are going to make fun if you notice I posted my Blogger Followers in one of my sidebars. I know... RIGHT NOW IT JUST SAYS 4! And you know I am self conscious if I have to blog about it! I am holding out hope maybe more of you receive emails :)? But I was talking to some ladies in my art group and I have realized for awhile now it is a Catch 22... If I post my followers, it looks silly with just four, but only when I post them does it get easier to actually follow... AH! So, not only did I add that gadget to my Blog tonight... then I went and tried to guilt more of my art group into now following me... and then I had no intention of posting tonight because I was so tired!!! Haha... thus this explanatory guilt post! Funny how little you can try and get away with on the internet! So thats where I am at... secrets out!

Now, as a thanks for indulging me, I want to share this awesome Halloween House as a treat for you who have read... I am all about this stuff at Christmas, so it only makes sense it should spill over into other Holidays... enjoy and thanks for reading!