Chicago Trip

What a whirlwind of a week I've had since my last post! I hate not having time to blog, but geez... I guess sometimes you have to give yourself permission to let some things fall through the cracks... If you could see my filthy kitchen you wouldn't feel near as bad for my neglected blog! However- life set aside... we did have a quick, but fun adventure to the big city of Chicago last weekend! Just look at all of the exciting and breathtaking things we saw...
First, a sweeping view of the city as we gazed over 55 miles in any direction from the top of Willis (Sears) Tower! The waterline was beautiful from the top of the tallest building in the United States!
Next, the refreshing and invigorating sounds from the gushing, gurgling Buckingham Fountain! It is considered the "Front Door" to Chicago with its central location in Grant Park! We were lucky to see it running since they turn it off at the end of October for holiday decor...
After a day of shopping, we found the most beautiful overlook at sunset to capture this view of the skyline. What a gorgeous way to wind down from a hectic day in the city!
Lastly... we loved seeing the city lights at night. Perching in space above downtown gave us a perfect view of the bustling city nightlife. This snapshot was a bit tricky since it required wings to burst spontaneously from our bodies, carrying us into the sky- then retract quickly enough to get the shot without revealing the secret to our point of view... Nice, huh? :) Made all the more impressive by our ability to strike the exact same pose at all four locations- you know, for consistency's sake?

Okay, OKAY! Who am I kidding? As if you can see everything there is to see in Chicago in one 12 hour period... We busted our butts just to get to the few places we did actually see- the Willis (Sears) Tower genuinely being one of them. Thats where we got these lovingly doctored souvenir pictures created! Perhaps to remind us of everywhere we should go... next time.

Despite my MFA in photography, my sister is more of the picture taker in the family. She is much better at documenting these family trips... So as for the places we did see (not from the top of a skyscraper)... the one picture I pilfered from her would be us at The Bean in Millennium Park...
I have seen this thing a few times, but for some reason it never seems to get old... I understand how people can just sit around it and stare... not to mention the FOUR different groups having their wedding photos taken there! But hey... what difference do a hundred casually dressed strangers make in some of the only photos you will blow up to 18x24 and keep forever, right?

So after some excellent deep dish pizza and a quick scamper through some of the public sculpture around downtown, we actually spent the better part of 5 hours wandering through the Art Institute of Chicago. Since everyone in my family has an "artsy" thumb, if you will, we could spend days in a museum- each fascinated by a different wing or exhibition. Amazingly enough, The Art Institute actually lets you photograph the pieces inside, but... naturally I seemed to have left that to my dad and sister.

Somehow I managed to get out of Chicago with fewer pictures than I have fingers on one hand! However, I have been consciously trying to be better at capturing at least the things that inspire me. When things start to get hectic and life gets in the way it is so easy for me to lose momentum and get down about all the creative strides I've made. I even have another guest coming in THIS weekend to see Chicago ALL OVER AGAIN! By the end of all my visitors I might could moonlight as a tour guide myself! When things calm down though, I will be able to better settle back into my swing of things and reconnect with all of my new art friends. When you lose track of where you were, sometimes it can feel like starting all over again- just picking up where you left off!

Luckily, of the dozens of pictures I could've taken in Chicago, this is the one that stood out enough for the effort of the snapshot. What a wonderfully inspiring notion to keep in mind as I constantly am creatively crumbling and rebuilding myself. These are the "aha" moments I will keep looking out for when it comes to pulling out my camera... the ones that I can continue to think about... and share!
Wish me luck on Chicago Tour: Round Two!!!