Me, My Dog, and My Blog

As a redhead I always thought that the color red was off limits to me. Wearing bright red anything was always thought about twice. But lately I have been seeing a trend where some beautiful redheaded women are sporting some bright red lip stick, and I thought, "Hey- I can do that...". Now some may argue (like my sister?) that no one should be seen in whore red lipstick EVER, but I took the leap while at Target today and, get this, the shade I bought is called "Beyonce Red"! I got a kick out of that. It turned out to be more of a gloss than an all out shade, but I thought I would start lighter. I came home and dont have any other makeup on, but am laughing at myself for sitting at home alone- my bright red lip gloss on, with my dog and my blog. I figure every woman should try to wear red lipstick at least once. And honestly... I think it looks pretty good! Now, when Cole comes home I'm sure it will be a different story, but... what do you do? WEAR IT ANYWAY! Pics to come, but until then you may evaluate Eli's reaction...
After weighing the pros and cons of the "plumping" action the gloss boasts... I think he is game.

So I have been in this Creative Business E-Course by Kelly Rae Roberts for the past few weeks and it has been so inspirational and lovely to hear about her journey beginning a creative business. The class is almost over, but yesterday she linked us to the most beautiful blog by Tracey Clark that I would encourage you to visit. The series I linked you to is collaborative and called "I Am Enough". It is designed for women to be able to contribute personal stories of struggle, however big or small, and ultimately knowing at the end of each day that, "I Am Enough". Just as I am right now. To me, it is a beautiful and touching idea to hold onto when I cant seem to figure out what I am doing. I want to be this, I want to be that, I want to make this, I want to do something else... it can all become quite confusing in this short little life. I was telling a friend just last night that, in the end all that really matters to me is being a good wife, a good daughter, good sister, good friend... and I have to remember those things when life doesn't always work out as planned. I put so much pressure on myself to excel at everything tangible, that often times I forget that to those who love me- I am already enough. Right now. My red lip gloss and all... isn't that wonderful?