Labor Day!

So,  a few weeks ago in August I was watching the news here in South Bend and they were talking about how fall was around the corner since it was almost September. They said "Get ready for a big change in temperature..." and I was thinking, yeah right. Being a native Texan we start to feel the fall weather around January if we are lucky! But... lo and behold... I got up this morning to a gorgeous Labor Day and 58 degrees outside! I promptly opened my big living room window...
And now I can sit and let the wind sink into my skin! There is nothing better than the beginning of fall, the feeling of new beginnings and the fresh air that comes with it.

In Canada Cole and I lived in a basement apartment. You know the ones that only have windows in about the upper foot of the walls? It felt like such a cave to live in. With little direct sunlight I remember spending some mornings plastering myself in the small box of light that would stream in and counting myself lucky that I had caught it before it disappeared about 20 minutes later. I would scoot along with the sun until it was gone just trying to bathe in its warmth and vitamin D!

NOW, here in our new home, the first thing I loved was all the light from the windows! I can almost see the wind give life to our home as it inevitably wisps away whatever remnant smells are left over from the dinner I scorched the night before :). Its just such a beautiful day!

Last night I had just a small pity party about my creative work. Just a part of the ups and downs with trying something new and hoping it works out. But that is why I included this picture above too. I was staring out my front window when through the trees this American Flag caught my eye. Another attribute of the wind- bringing movement to all of the otherwise limp flags we are to be so proud of. It was just waving through the trees as happy as it could be and I was so moved by watching it. What a wonderful and uplifting view from my new home! And if you are familiar with my projects, you can see how this would be inspiring! Can you see the flag?

Anyway, so I am getting on with my lovely day. One last small thing to share...
Another one of my favorite finds in South Bend is Main Street Roasters because they serve this oh-so-yummy Chai. As a former Starbucks employee, this says a lot! I worked at Starbucks for 2 years and actually bypass one near my house to get to this Chai downtown! Oh, it just has such a cozier taste! My last trip, they actually had the mix out for sale so I was delighted to be able to snag one for my home and cut down on the road trip.  So now I actually go to bed at night, looking forward to my Chai time in the morning and with the wind factor added by my open windows, how will I do anything else?