Football Season

So I have been keeping SUPER busy the past few days and I would like to say it has all been creative work... which to some extent it was. I had to spend most of the weekend getting creative with how my Fantasy Football team was going to pull off the upset against our league commissioner! Okay, I am taking liberties with my "creative" work, but hey- time to play too, right?
As football season has gotten off to an exciting start, one of Cole's co-workers looked at me and said, "How is it you manage to be an artist AND a football fan?" to which it was very simple for me to reply, "I'M FROM TEXAS!". But the more I thought about it, I'm pretty sure that is just an easy cop out.
The combination of artist and football fan does seem like quite the exception to the rule, but I don't remember how I stumbled into it. It has become a fun thing for my husband and I to bond over, but at the end of the day I think it must stem back to my love of games in general and my competitive nature. I have gotten really bad in my 27 years about HAVING TO WIN, which definitely has a more immediate outcome with football than it does artwork. But, while football by itself held interest for me in prior years, when I got to make my own FANTASY team... the game was really on! Not only am I the only girl in my league, but I get to compete against my husband and all of his guys friends! And sometimes I can even put up a big W! It is exhilarating! Plus it has the added benefit of being a nice and complete opposite-end-of-the-spectrum activity from being creative all day. I would love to hear from some other football-artist-women... I know I am not the only one, but it is still a funny idea.

On a legitimate creative note, I did work hard today to get some new work in my shop if you want to visit here! I am happy with it, but have other ideas and venues I am excited to explore as well, so keep checking in with me! I started working today on this little number...
Albeit, she is a bit creepster right now, but you just wait until she turns into a little Freckled Army Captain! I hope to have her done and posted by the end of the week!

Another cool front is blowing through here tonight, so I will be working away with my windows wide open tomorrow! AH! So refreshing at 65 degrees! Whoo Hoo!

PS- I did lose my Fantasy game this past weekend, but never fear... neither art NOR football are for the faint of heart!