Making Connections

Don't tell my husband, but I just got these shoes yesterday from a wonderful little shop here in South Bend and think its funny how something as trivial as a cute pair of shoes can brighten my day! They were on sale, so I shouldn't get in too much trouble, but since they made me happy, I thought maybe they could make you smile too!

So the store I was in is called Inspire Me! and they have just the cutest things, including Kelly Rae Roberts stuff. However, I was just stopping by a couple stores on a whim- mostly to get out of he house- hoping to maybe find some little Christmas presents for my family (permission to feel guilty now).

This was just my second visit in the store, but I was so delighted to meet the owner, Jeanne Skelton! I am not usually just a chatty person when shopping, nor do I really just impose on people's days by asking for lots of help, but I tell ya- Jeanne would never know it by the way I went on in her store! She was just the most wonderful person and so lovely to talk to! I didn't have an agenda by any means to get into my art work and what not, but she was so sweet to ask about what I did, in spite of my torn vintage t-shirt attire and baggy peddle pushers! Once I told her I was an artist and a little about my projects, she was just so eager to help and be sweet- pointing me to some shows I could apply for, asking me to bring some stuff in to show her... I was just so delighted to have another live artsy person to talk to! What a wonderful and great experience in her store! Imagine if I was to talk to everyone like I did to Jeanne! Just goes to show how great an experience can be if you give yourself permission to open up and be yourself...

I am laughing at myself now, because that first stop in my day led to my spirits being lifted for the rest of my errands! I was talking to everyone about all sorts of things! Their sleeping babies, their clothes, their product choices... too funny, but I guess you never know the connections you might make!

Cant wait to visit Jeanne again and am thankful for her great shop and sweet spirit!