Why I will always insist on cramming lots of work into a few days when I have known about a project for weeks, I will never know. I have always been that way, and I guess maybe I work better under pressure? But I hate myself for it afterward. Anyway, I told myself I would get all of this work done by the end of the week, so I have been absent from blogging due to my labors- for what feels like a straight 72 hours! Some days I keep it together and feel so organized and others I am so off task and behind I have to laugh at myself.
I mean, LOOK AT THIS MESS! And if you could only see the beautiful shelving system I bought for all my fabrics- now is the best time. All of the fabric I had folded and neatly stacked is now on the floor in a lump with my pretty red shelf just gleaming and empty. What's the point if I just dump it all on the ground? If I made more time, maybe I could stay tidy. Haha... I bought a shirt at a vintage shop when I was in high school that I just thought was so funny- describing me to a 'T'. It was so 80's (pale yellow with peeling graphics) and had a bear with sun shades on, cranked back in his lounge chair, sippin on his lemonade, magazines in hand, and it read DESTINATION PROCRASTINATION! ... Now a days, I have to work a little harder to find the humor in that when it comes to my own bad habits... :).

But for all my forced effort, I think I came up with some cute things and am excited to share...


So excited to have gotten these posted in my shop! I just think they turned out so cute and I am giddy to make some more and start incorporating the state flags too! I just love being able to decorate with things that can be made personal to me- things that represent my home and my style. Let me know what you think and until then... UGH, the carpets and dishes are calling my name. 

I told myself that if I could just get everything done last night, I could have a nice relaxing Saturday... you know, full of vacuuming, dish washing, grocery shopping, dog brushing... SO FUN. So I will just spend today telling myself- "YOU CAN JUST RELAX TOMORROW..."