Big Things to Come!

My heart just leaps every year when stores start putting their Christmas decorations up! In Hobby Lobby's case, it is wonderful because they first and foremost have to display their autumn paraphernalia, but the way the store is set up- all of the fall foliage hides any indication of the wonderland that lays beyond it. You round a corner and it is as if all the joy and carols and bells and whistles from every Christmas you've ever experience come rushing back at you and you cannot help but take it all in before you advance. And it happens EVERY TIME! Something about it is just so magical, even if it is only September! Of course there are those who are Scrooged about the holidays before they even begin... but I hope to always be in awe of the enchantment that goes hand-in-hand with silent nights and chestnuts roasting on an open fire. 89 Days until Christmas! (Side note: I am aware that the big, tacky, sale signs do, in fact, take away from the Yuletide experience, but- suspend your disbelief for the time it takes to get past them and into the pine cones and mistletoe... its worth it!)

That being said, big BIG things are going to happen before then, I can feel it! I have some new projects coming up, including some new work opportunities, new creative projects you should stay tuned for, AND my first endeavor making bird cage veils for my sister's wedding on New Year's Eve!

I have special visitors coming to visit my new home in a couple weeks and they will be the first to see my brightly painted walls and explore the little bits of South Bend I know about! We will also take time to discover Chicago and I so so so look forward to having people here. Any big city suggestions? Lots to do and look forward to sharing it with you! Keep putting one foot in front of the other!