Baby Boys!!!

WOW! There have been so many wonderful things happen in the last couple of days, but I must first begin by welcoming my nephew Charles Fisher into the world!
He was born on Wednesday night and just 1 day before my sister-in-law Hope and her husband Cody's wedding anniversary! What a wonderful present and I know, after a long road, they are so ecstatic! Cole and I cannot wait to go down and see him and his sweet face!

There are so many people having boys these days, I am just floored! Secretly kind of excited about all the lucky ladies in their futures... On the same day as Fisher, an old college friend of mine had her baby boy too! Congratulations to Carolyn and Luke for lucky baby Samuel!

BUT WAIT THERES MORE!!! I got up this morning to one of our best friends texting Cole and I that HIS baby boy (due around January I believe) will be named William COLE... after my husband! And we are just thrilled! So so lucky to have such wonderful friends and family and so excited for all the bundles of testosterone!!! I have always wanted a boy if Cole and I have babies, but am considering our chances slimmer and slimmer with all of our friends getting boys! You know we will be loving a little red-headed terror if we were to have a girl and she turns out anything like her mama!!! Haha... at least I have a while for some other friends to even out the odds first (Amber I am looking at you)!

More excitement to come with Fantasy Football kicking off, but I just want to dedicate this post all my new favorite little boys! So much love and excitement in the future!